>    I already sent a mail about this problem a while ago, but it has not
>been solved yet. I mail again because I've made a mistake describing the
>problem. So, the problem was that when i type "vidcontrol VESA_800x600",
>it makes my box crash. I first thought that this was making my box
>reboot, but it is a crash because the system is waiting for me to press
>a key before rebooting. As it is a problem dealing with graphic modes, i
>unfortunately can't see anything that is surely written....
>    For those who want more details on my hardware and software
>configuration, please look to the "vidcontrol VESA_800x600 makes my box
>reboot" mails. You will found information on my hardware configuration
>and output of dmesg, vidcontrol -i adapter, vidcontrol -i mode and my
>kernel configuration file.
>    If i can do anything to help and fix this problem, please let me

I do intend to fix console problems in both -STABLE and -CURRENT.
But, I am on business trip this weekend and will not be able to
work on the problems before Sunday evening ;-<


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