> vt(4) is not a pleasant thing to look at. I am not implying that it is bad
> code or badly done. I am just saying that it is pretty gnarly and is not
> the sort of thing most enjoy dealing with. I got the distinct feeling that
> ray@ found the job much uglier than he anticipated  when he took the
> Foundation commission to write it. Since then it has been widely disparaged
> for the things that it does not do, but I am not aware that anyone has
> gotten further than looking at what is needed and then running far
> away.Some day someone (or some company) will get sufficiently inspired to
> either re-write if or add the missing features. I have no idea when that
> might happen, though.

> Kevin Oberman, Part time kid herder and retired Network Engineer

I find vt (4) nice when in 1920*1080 resolution, as opposed to the resolution 
it comes up with after booting FreeBSD.

NetBSD newer versions with DRMKMS come up in this high resolution, as does 
FreeBSD when returning to console after exiting X.

But I notice copy-and-paste by mouse on non-X console double-spaces, inserting 
a blank line between lines.

Just for comparison, mouse copy-and-paste did not work at all with 
NetBSD-current i386 and amd64, but I am now rather behind, and intend to try 
again after updating to a more current version.


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