Is there any plans to move the ports' working directory out of the
/usr/ports/ tree?

Let me explain why i ask.

I have 10 FreeBSD servers that are a mix of FreeBSD 2.2.8-STABLE, 3-STABLE,
and 4-STABLE. In the interests of saving disk space and bandwith, i have one
central file archive of ports, and the three stable branches, and i mount
those directories on all servers as required via amd.

When i'm working in src at the same time as someone else, i have no
problems, since all work is not done in that tree. However, if i were to be
working in ports att the same time as someone else, some pretty nasty things

If this is not being worked on, but people think that it might be a good
idea to move the ports' working directories somewhere else, i'd be willing
to take a look and see what i could come up with based on suggestions from
whomever wanted to put their two cents in.


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