I need to set the default uid/gid values for nobody/nogroup into kernel
variables. I reverted the commit that hardcoded them, since I agree that
wasn't a good thing to do.

I didn't realize that "nobody" was already defined in sys/conf.h and I can
use that.

There is no definition for "nogroup" in sys/conf.h.
Would it be ok to add
#define GID_NOGROUP  65533
to syy/conf.h?
(I know bde@ doesn't like expressing this as 65533, but that is what it is in 

ps: These values are usually set by nfsuserd(8), but need to be initialized for 
the case
       where is in not being run. The default uid/gid in nfsuserd.c needs to be 
fixed too,
       although they only get used if there isn't an entry for nobody/nogroup 
in the
       password/group database.
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