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> 3. Under one scenario, I'm getting a kernel panic but I cannot dump because
> busybox states "no dumpdev specified" which means rc.conf (where I have
> dumpdev set) has not been read yet. How can I pass dumpdev wile in busybox
> command line so that ">dump" does its job?

/boot/loader.conf allows for an earlier time frame
for having dumpdev. For example I have:

# more /boot/loader.conf
geom_label_load="YES"           # File system labels (see glabel(8))"10000"

Supporting documentation is from:

and includes the following about dumpdev:

LOADER(8)               FreeBSD System Manager's Manual              LOADER(8)


 -- kernel bootstrapping final stage

. . .


     The loader has actually two different kinds of `environment' variables.
     There are ANS Forth's environmental queries, and a separate space of
     environment variables used by builtins, which are not directly available
     to Forth words.  It is the latter type that this section covers.
. . .
     dumpdev   Sets the device for kernel dumps.  This can be used to ensure
               that a device is configured before the corresponding dumpdev
               directive from rc.conf(5) has been processed, allowing kernel
               panics that happen during the early stages of boot to be cap-

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