--- Comment #4 from Miroslav Lachman <> ---
There is nothing special on jails created by ezjail so the configuration can be
converted very easily. I have my own solution for jails with very similar
structure and nullfs mount as ezjail and conversion from rc.conf to jails.conf
takes few minutes.

I don't think ezjail is "recommended", it is documented and nobody has time to
document any other tool. But that's another story.
It would be nice if somebody write chapter for another jail tools but as I am
not using any of them I cannot help with this.

Or maybe there should not be 3rd party tools used in Handbook. There should be
documented steps using tools in base and link to freshports to many 3rd party
jail tools. Let the users choose.

This is very similar problem to portmaster / portupgrade tools - they are
(were) used in Handbook but are not maintained well. They are lacking behind
ports framework features and then some features are not easily implemented
because ports team does not want to break things for these tools...

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