Hamza Sheikh wrote:
I may have encountered something similar on an EdgeRouter Lite running
r317256. It's serving as network gateway at home. After some time the
WAN connection goes dead. It starts working with either (a)
reconnecting the network cable or (b) pinging any IP on the internet
from that box. On rare occasions I had to reboot to get it to work.

it doesn't sound much like my problem. i had no network issues until
the system would suddenly panic and reboot. removing FLOWTABLE from
my kernel might have fixed it, but it is too early to tell as I have
yet to discover a reproducible way to trigger the bug.

I'm still new to FreeBSD and don't know how to collect relevant
information or whether to even determine if my issue is related to
Andrey's. Any help is really appreciated. My setup is documented in
detail in a blog post[0] if it helps.

You probably don't want to hear this, but if you are new to FreeBSD,
maybe you shouldn't be running current. I probably shouldn't running
current and I have 35 years of BSD experience. I do it as a way of
contributing to the project by alpha-testing new code when I have time.

Brendan Gregg has some very good material on his site that might help you
learn to collect useful info about what is going on inside your systems.

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