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> You have a bad DIMM. I had this same problem on my laptop but not on my
> servers downstairs. That suggested that since all four machines were
> running the same software the difference between them was hardware.
> Replacing the memory in my laptop made this problem go away.
> I have a question for you. Do you use ZFS? ZFS exercises memory quite
> aggressively. I also had this problem when I replaced my UFS filesystems
> with ZFS on my testbed many moons ago. It even suffered random kernel
> panics. Here again, replacing the memory resolved the issue.

We need more information first before saying "bad hardware" -- in
particular, was the machine overtaxed, were the input files proper,

I'm asking because clang has a number of bugs in bugzilla where the
host ran out of memory trying to compile things and clang didn't fail
gracefully when allocating memory, handling inputs, etc.

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