I build CURRENT on two technically similar systems on a almost daily basis. 
Therefore, it
was a great relief having WITH_META_MODE=yes set in /etc/src-env.conf for 
builds. To make my understanding of this clear (just in case I'm wrong): setting
WITH_META_MODE builds only portions that does not need to be build in the make 

Well, the reason writing this email is: on one system, I run almost every 
reboot into a
"full build" and this puzzles me a bit. The long-lasting and time exhausting 
builds are
within the LLVM/CLANG tree. They consume a lot of time. The box in question 
does have a
weak CPU, only two physical cores, four threads, 8GB of RAM and builds the 
residing on a SSD. The reference machine does have the same motherboard, also a 
SSD, but
has 16 GB RAM and a 4-core/8 threads XEON CPU - but both are "IvyBridge". The 
usually needs 30 - 40 minutes to compile a full world/kernel from a clean 
/usr/obj, the
"weak" box takes approximately 120 minutes - it is understandable that a 
shortage of the
build time is appreciated.

Well, having said this, I need to mention that both systems use almost
identical /etc/src.conf setting - except the order of appearance of the WITH_ 
tags. In
fact, they are identical except the KERNCONF (naming of the kernel) and 
the "weak" box incorporates x11/nvidia-driver and 
emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod, so these
modules are build every time the system gets rebuild, but the time taken by 
those is

The problem: to make my point clear: the "weak" box starts compiling almost 
everytime now
the LLVM/CLANG tree while the XEON box does not. This is spooky.

I deleted on both  systems recently /usr/obj completely from its content and 
restarted a
buildworld again to hope, that the problem was introduced due to some files
necessary for the BSD make environment to indicate the incremental build. But 
no success.
Even more spooky is the fact, that after a build on the "weak" box and a build 
again, the
box bevaves as expected not rebuilding everything again, but in some cases 
after a
reboot, a rebuild the hits again the build of LLVM/CLANG tree, while the XEON 
box does

I think there is something missing an I'd like to ask what is the suggested way 
initially restart a full build to ensure that WITH_META_MODE gets initialised 

Well, I'm not a developer, so please be patient with my naive report.

Thanks in advance,


O. Hartmann

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