On Sun, May 07, 2017 at 05:11:13AM -0700, Jeffrey Bouquet wrote:
> Given the following procedure:
> svn up /usr/src
> make buildworld
> make buildkernel
> make installkernel
> mergmaster
> reboot single user
> mergemaster
> make installworld
> pkg install compatN-i386
> reboot
> make check-old
> make delete-old
> etc [ pardon the missing stuff and out of order, this is from memory]
> At which precise point either
> 1... Xorg fails to work
> 2... nvidia-driver fails to work?
> Because in my experience unless a minor upgrade, it happens every time, and
> I am caught unawares.. so am wanting in the summaries in UPDATING
> 3a... do not proceed beyond this without backups, as your video driver may 
> not work...
> and am slightly confused.
> If I svn, but do not buildworld,  is nvidia-driver somehow more unusable? etc 
> etc. 
> looking at it from an entirely newbie frame of mind, because  a more 
> authoritative
> source than I may know more about the precise how and why an svn OR a 
> buildworld
> should not be attempted if one is more concerned about the driver not breaking
> or being unusable 'version mismatch' upon upgrade, than the upgrade itself.
> tl;dr
> anyone have an expert summary?  if not, just thanks for reading, or throw a 
> concept
> at me. 
> 1... Xorg ceases to work and/or 

You should add 


to /etc/make.conf so that the nvidia driver is automatically rebuilt every
time you build the kernel to prevent such issues.  Add in any other
ports that depend on the kernel data structures such as 

The kernel ABI is not guaranteed to be stable on the -current branch
so any modules you load in to the kernel need to be rebuilt for each


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