On 05/07/2017 21:09, Rick Macklem wrote:
Claude Buisson wrote:

Last month, I started switching all my systems (stable/9, stable/10,
stable/11 and current) to NFSv4, and I found that:

  on current (svn 312652) an entry is added to /var/db/mounttab by
mount_nfs(8), but not suppressed by umount(8). It can be suppressed by

The same anomaly appears on stable/11 after upgrading to svn 312950.

It is relatively easy to trace this anomaly to r308871 on current and
its MFHs (r309517 for stable/11).

Patching sbin/umount/umount.c to restore the RPC call for NFSv4 makes
umount(8) suppress the mounttab entry as before.

I do not know what is the proper solution, as suppressing the
modification of mounttab by mount_nfs(8) for NFSv4 could be an (more
complicated) alternative !
When I do an NFSv4 mount from a recent FreeBSD system, it does not use the
Mount protocol. I am not sure why your NFSv4 mounts are putting an entry in
mounttab, since that is done by mountd.c on the server and the client isn't even
contacting it?

This is really an long delayed answer !!

1) I am afraid of a confusion on your side between mounttab which is managed on the CLIENT, and mountdtab which is managed of the SERVER.

2) Since my first mail, I patched mount_nfs(4) (client side) not to write an entry in mounttab in the NFS4 case. But:

3) I no more use NFS4 and have switched back to NFS3, sa as to have on the servers a trace of the current active clients by virtue of the mount protocol :-)


Thanks for your interest

Claude Buisson

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