Claude Buisson wrote:
[stuff snipped]
> This is really an long delayed answer !!
Just made it to the top of my "to do" list...
> 1) I am afraid of a confusion on your side between mounttab which is
> managed on the CLIENT, and mountdtab which is managed of the SERVER.
Ok, now that I've looked, I see what you are talking about. To be honest, I 
knew this file even existed (it doesn't on the systems I run, since it has never
been created on them;-).

> 2) Since my first mail, I patched mount_nfs(4) (client side) not to
> write an entry in mounttab in the NFS4 case. But:
Yes, I would say all that is needed is the call to add_mtab() in mount_nfs.c be 
conditional on a non-NFSv4 mount.

Thanks for reporting this, rick

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