> On May 6, 2017, at 00:22, O. Hartmann <ohartm...@walstatt.org> wrote:
> I build CURRENT on two technically similar systems on a almost daily basis. 
> Therefore, it
> was a great relief having WITH_META_MODE=yes set in /etc/src-env.conf for 
> incremental
> builds. To make my understanding of this clear (just in case I'm wrong): 
> setting
> WITH_META_MODE builds only portions that does not need to be build in the 
> make context.
> Well, the reason writing this email is: on one system, I run almost every 
> reboot into a
> "full build" and this puzzles me a bit. The long-lasting and time exhausting 
> builds are
> within the LLVM/CLANG tree. They consume a lot of time. The box in question 
> does have a
> weak CPU, only two physical cores, four threads, 8GB of RAM and builds the 
> /usr/obj
> residing on a SSD. The reference machine does have the same motherboard, also 
> a SSD, but
> has 16 GB RAM and a 4-core/8 threads XEON CPU - but both are "IvyBridge". The 
> usually needs 30 - 40 minutes to compile a full world/kernel from a clean 
> /usr/obj, the
> "weak" box takes approximately 120 minutes - it is understandable that a 
> shortage of the
> build time is appreciated.
> Well, having said this, I need to mention that both systems use almost
> identical /etc/src.conf setting - except the order of appearance of the WITH_ 
> tags. In
> fact, they are identical except the KERNCONF (naming of the kernel) and 
> the "weak" box incorporates x11/nvidia-driver and 
> emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod, so these
> modules are build every time the system gets rebuild, but the time taken by 
> those is
> negligible.
> The problem: to make my point clear: the "weak" box starts compiling almost 
> everytime now
> the LLVM/CLANG tree while the XEON box does not. This is spooky.
> I deleted on both  systems recently /usr/obj completely from its content and 
> restarted a
> buildworld again to hope, that the problem was introduced due to some files
> necessary for the BSD make environment to indicate the incremental build. But 
> no success.
> Even more spooky is the fact, that after a build on the "weak" box and a 
> build again, the
> box bevaves as expected not rebuilding everything again, but in some cases 
> after a
> reboot, a rebuild the hits again the build of LLVM/CLANG tree, while the XEON 
> box does
> not.
> I think there is something missing an I'd like to ask what is the suggested 
> way to
> initially restart a full build to ensure that WITH_META_MODE gets initialised 
> correctly.
> Well, I'm not a developer, so please be patient with my naive report.
> Thanks in advance,

        Dumb question: which kernel are you using on which machine (GENERIC, 
GENERIC-NODEBUG, a custom kernel with or without debug hooks, e.g., INVARIANTS, 
enabled)? Also, how are you building the system (locally using UFS or ZFS, 
remotely, e.g., over NFS, etc)?

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