[ if you don't use any of the Qlogic cards, ignore this message for now ]

By tonight a new version of this driver will be checked in that no longer
supports most of the config options previously used.

The most obvious effect of this change will be that firmware can no longer be
compiled into the isp driver (no firmware compiled in has been the default for
some time).

Instead, a separate kernel module (ispfw) can be loaded by adding the line


to your /boot/loader.conf options. There is no automatic mechanism for
unloading this after the isp(4) driver configures, but manual unloading (or
some rc script style thingie) can then reclaim the 350KBytes of memory the f/w

If you don't want to use a loadable module, this can be staticly linked
(as a pseudo-device- ispfw).

As ever, with such changes, leading edge config, toolchain && kernel source
with a clean merge/config/rebuild of the kernels you use are a must.

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