On Sun, May 14, 2017 at 01:12:11AM +0000, Rick Macklem wrote:

> >> It is also the case that mountd.c doesn't look "nobody" up in the password 
> >> database
> >> to set the default. It would be nice to do this, but it could result in 
> >> the mountd daemon
> >> getting "stuck" during a boot waiting for an unresponsive LDAP service or 
> >> similar.
> >> Does doing this sound like a good idea?
> >
> >This is (stuck at boot) already do for case of using NIS and nfsuserd.
> There is a difference here. nfsuserd mpas between uid/names, so it can't work
> without the password database.
> mountd can work without the password database, so I held off on doing this 
> for now.
> >I am regular see this for case of DNS failed at boot.
> >You offer don't impair current behaviour.
> As an aside, if you have the critical entries in the local files (/etc/hosts, 
> /etc/passwd,
> /etc/group) and then tell the libraries to search these first in 
> /etc/nsswitch.conf, then
> you usually avoid this problem.

Same as for 'nobody' for mountd?

> Thanks for the comments, rick

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