Revised like Boris did for misc/mc [1].

Now attached raw Makefile and patch (renamed), as patch does not
handle new files on nonexistent files directory. :-(

PORTREVISION bumped, as this port is small enough and NO_BUILD,
and need updating for recent -head.

But at least 2 ports is affected for now, and possibly more.
IMHO, these Gnu diff compatible group-format related options
would be worth implemented by bsdiff.


On Sun, 14 May 2017 16:03:55 +0900
Tomoaki AOKI <> wrote:

> Hi.
> Posting on freebsd-current as this only affects -head.
> I recently noticed ports-mgmt/pkg_rmleaves failes to process
> new leaf ports after removal of leaf ports on -head with error
> messages below.
> > diff: unrecognized option `--unchanged-line-format='
> > usage: diff [-abdilpTtw] [-c | -e | -f | -n | -q | -u] [--ignore-case]
> >             [--no-ignore-case] [--normal] [--strip-trailing-cr]
> > [--tabsize] [-I pattern] [-L label] file1 file2
> >        diff [-abdilpTtw] [-I pattern] [-L label] [--ignore-case]
> >             [--no-ignore-case] [--normal] [--strip-trailing-cr]
> > [--tabsize] -C number file1 file2
> >        diff [-abdiltw] [-I pattern] [--ignore-case] [--no-ignore-case]
> >             [--normal] [--strip-trailing-cr] [--tabsize] -D string
> > file1 file2 diff [-abdilpTtw] [-I pattern] [-L label] [--ignore-case]
> >             [--no-ignore-case] [--normal] [--tabsize]
> > [--strip-trailing-cr] -U number file1 file2
> >        diff [-abdilNPprsTtw] [-c | -e | -f | -n | -q | -u]
> > [--ignore-case] [--no-ignore-case] [--normal] [--tabsize] [-I pattern]
> > [-L label] [-S name] [-X file] [-x pattern] dir1 dir2
> stable/11 was OK, and the difference is that stable/11 has gnu diff
> as diff, while -head has bsdiff as diff.
> There's 2 (or possibly 3) options.
>  a) Let pkg_rmleaves use gnu diff via textprocs/diffutils.
>     This is easiest (Minimal diff is attached), but doesn't help
>     any other ports affected. Just change diff to gdiff and RUN_DEPENDS
>     on textproc/diffutils.
>  b) Update bsdiff to support missing options below.
>     This is over my hand, but if possible, would help others.
>  c) If the missing options below are implemented as different
>     (non-documented) options on bsdiff, use them for bsdiff instead.
>     Will need OSVERSION check in ports Makefile.
> Please note that attached diff is really MINIMAL to work on -head.
> No OSVERSION switching is implemented and no bumps so forcibly
> installs textproc/diffutils on revisions with gnu diff is /usr/bin/diff.
> And patch wouldn't work properly as files directory doesn't exist
> in pkg-mgmt/pkg_rmleaves. (At least system patch.)
> I wonder which option should be taken, so not yet filed PR on bugzilla.
> It should be filed differently with which option is taken.
> -- 
> Tomoaki AOKI    <>

Tomoaki AOKI    <>

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