Just commenting on past ideas of mine.  *spend no time replying* .  Thanks!
... inline comments below...  sort of like 'overhear my typing into my bsd
wish list nano-file.'  and as such, scribble a not to thyself, not the list nor 
as I am out of time this [year] and # commenting not # coding an email ...

On Tue, 16 May 2017 10:43:47 +0000, bugzilla-nore...@freebsd.org wrote:

> https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=218849
> --- Comment #28 from Miroslav Lachman <000.f...@quip.cz> ---
> (In reply to Jonathan Anderson from comment #27)
> I think the opposite way. Or we end up with the same problems as with ezjail,
> portupgrade, portmaster etc. now. 

 I applaud each of those tools, as well as the extinct portmanager, and wish 
they be
fully pkg compliant and/or the fallback for a resurrected /var/db/pkg 
plain-text version
of .sqlite (s) for those urgent times [ once yearly for instance ] here where a 
failure by inexperience and/or unresolved bug eclipses my day with a few hours 
backup-worked-but-not-as-smoothly-as-I-thought successes...

Some features in base are stalled or very
> complicated just to not break 3rd party tools with no active maintainer.
> "because they are in Handbook"

 I welcome a fully salaried handbook full time 'synchronizer', too advanced in 
on my part, but yes I could pay yearly a share.

> It would be better to document jails with base tools and just some list of 3rd
> party tools with brief info about them and link to homepage of those projects.
off topic, snuck in:

 Some .htm,.php,.aspx,  I save in .htm .txt  manner a .htm[ or... ] for 
read-later, many of which  .htm[etc]  I save, vs xclip > disk ,  appear once
loaded on disk as a jumble of text within interspersed /tags/ and /css/ stuff 
making it
transcrible yes, but readable, no, so I give up and re-google the page I saved. 
 If anyone
has any best practice to educate me on a better save-to-disk-htm[php][aspx] 
method that is foolproof. comparatively, 
to reload from disk later [ for presentations, etc...] I may, if can,  also 
paypal/snail mail a
'finders fee',  if, say
after a few months of usage I could frame it on the wall, actually, so I do not 
continue as
I presently do, and feel of more use to others in pulling up saved files vs [ 
oh, I thought
I could read that, it is 2/3 mime-glyphs... ] 'stuff that happens' to me and my 
cc:  the handbook guy, above, but that is in the distant future... so to speak. 
 Or, add
filler to an email.  Sorry, or, continue as/until I de-procrastinate and 'send' 
to my 
understanding fellow list-readers [ tl/dr :   see header, unfortunately top 
we are looking over the shoulder at my nano file, that 'just this once, I 
promise' is
publicly posted to the list so others can treat it as the off-topic it purports 
to be, 
comprises, asserts, mitigates itself as, and ... ]  

Have a very pleasant day, and I do not mean that with any insincerity.  

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