On 2017-May-24 18:01:42 -0700, "Simon J. Gerraty" <s...@juniper.net> wrote:
>Peter Jeremy <pe...@rulingia.com> wrote:
>> as follows.  My suspicion is that meta mode isn't seeing enough of the
>> differences between the bootstrap and main build steps and so causing make
>> to incorrectly skip steps.
>I see a number of places in src/Makefile* where BUILD_TOOLS_META=.NOMETA
>is added to env of things like CROSSENV, CD2MAKE, LIBCOMPATWMAKEENV
>Use of .NOMETA could be leading to problems - but I'm not familiar with
>where BUILD_TOOLS_META is used.

I've not looked at the guts of how meta mode works or is inhibited either.

In my case, I have "WITH_META_MODE=yes" in /etc/src-env.conf and was
using "make buildworld" - which failed.  The upgrade worked cleanly
when I manually deleted all the .meta files.  If I get a round tuit,
I'll try to revert to before the update and have a closer look at what
broke with the "normal" build, if no-one else beats me to it.

Peter Jeremy

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