I did not following the upgrade instructions to the letter and 'blew
up' my FreeBSD laptop.  Having made a recent backup of all of my
important files, I decided that performing a reinstall would be easier
than repairing my system.  I downloaded the r318945 snapshot and
performed a clean install on a Compaq Presario F500 laptop.  After the
first boot, I tried to install the pkg system.  The first fault said
that the libarchive.so.6 was missing.  I symlinked it to the installed
libarchive.so.7 and installed the necessary files for pkg.  I tried a
pkg install of bash and the files installed in /usr/local/bin had
"REAL" strange permissions and dates.  The dates were all December
1969 and before the Unix epoch date of January 1970.  Something is
wrong with INO64 on a recent snapshot!


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