On 05/28/2017 08:54, Pete Wright wrote:
Hi all,

I can't imagine that this is related to INO64, but since upgrading my world and kernel on drm-next (which merged upstream CURRENT as of May 27 which should include the ino64 work) I am having segfaults running firefox. Previous to this firefox was very stable for work/personal daily use.

The error I'm seeing is:
Full message: TypeError: malformed UTF-8 character sequence at offset 0

Firefox does start and I can load a page or two before it sefaults.

The full console output is here:


Posting this here in the off chance that it's either related to ino64, or some other recent change has caused this problem.

Just to close the loop on this. It looks like after upgrading to the latest official packages available i can now run Firefox w/o crashing. I am still getting the UTF-8 error mentioned above, but have not segfaulted yet. So apparently that error was a red herring. Interesting enough, firefox was *not* on the packages that was upgraded - so i assume a shared library was updated that trigger the fault.


Pete Wright

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