On 2017-06-03 19:28, Jeffrey Bouquet wrote:
>   The latest pkg updates broke firefox here, which won't build  [ patches 
> fail to apply ]
>   Also seamonkey, but building sqlite3 locally fixed that.
>   [ not that I'd expect firefox to build anyway, not been that lucky 
> recently... ] 
>   Web search turns up no 'undefined symbol stat' on 12.0-CURRENT that I can 
> find.
>   Subject give the entirety of the error. 
>   Building webkit-gtk2 locally as of now to try to fix it in a third round of 
> ports. ... 
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The ino64 change that went into -current recently changed a lot of stuff
related to stat(), and versioned the symbol. You are trying to run apps
compiled for a newer version of -current than you are running. You need
to update your kernel and userland to patch what pkg is built against.

Allan Jude

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