> On Jun 5, 2017, at 08:20, Bryan Drewery <bdrew...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> On 6/5/2017 2:34 AM, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>> Quoting Bryan Drewery <br...@shatow.net> (from Sun, 4 Jun 2017 14:38:07
>> -0700):
>>> On 6/4/17 5:09 AM, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> new kernel (surely r318877 and later) and old syslog in a jail = NOK.
>>> What branch and revision is the syslogd? From my understanding the bug
>>> exists in a head version of syslogd only, maybe MFC'd to stable/11, but
>>> not released.  If it was MFC'd we need to fix it before the 11.1 release.
>> This was a syslogd from head for sure.
>> So the issue was that for an intermediate period of time a bug was in
>> syslogd in head which was causing this, and if I would have upgraded a
>> system were the jail would have been head from before the or after the
>> bug, then I wouldn't have noticed it?
> Yes, that's my understanding.  So it's ultimately a non-issue for
> releases since it is just a temporary issue on head.

Yes. syslogd was refactored on ^/head. Some of the refactoring caused the issue 
Alexander brought up. The changes were never backported though, so the concern 
you had in the previous message isn’t something to be worried about, since the 
code hasn’t seen the changes the ^/head copy has.

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