Hi Vladimir,

On 04/16/17 15:18, Vladimir Kondratyev wrote:
Following patch [1] bring in multitouch EVDEV support for Synaptics and Elan PS/2 touchpads found in many laptops. (And for generic relative PS/2 mices as well). This allows to replace our limited in-kernel gesture processor with full-blown
one from xf86-input-synaptics or xf86-input-libinput driver and makes
Synaptics and Elan PS/2 touchpad support to be mostly on par with Linux

Thanks very much... I've been using your patch for awhile with my Synaptics touchpad and it's lovely to have two-finger scrolling that works properly! I did need to massage the patch to make it apply on drm-next:

Sometimes I experience dropped touchpad events, particularly when the system is busy and my wi-fi is being reconfigured. Is there anything I can do to help debug this?



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