On Fri, Jun 09, 2017 at 08:23:55AM -0700, David Wolfskill wrote:
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> > The main suspect is r319722.
> > Try reverting it or downgrading before it (the later might be simple due
> > to the patch size).
> > ....
> It was easy enough for me to use "svn diff -c r319722" &
> "svn patch --reverse-diff" to effectively revert r319722.
> I re-ran the build after that, and a subsequent reboot allowed me to
> "sudo service hald onestart" (which whined a bit about dbus not being
> enabled but started it anyway), after which I was able to start xdm --
> so that seems to have been successful.
> Perhaps I'll chat with Gleb a bit later today. :-)  (Our cubes are
> adjacent.)
> ...

Gleb committed r319754; I finally(!) had a chance to revert the
reversion of r319722, then apply r319754 and rebuild; the follow-up
smoke test was successful.

> Thanks, Konstantin! :-)
> ...

And Gleb! :-)

[Apparently hald invokes stat(2) on a listening socket, which was ...

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