On 09.06.2017 15:57, Jonathan Anderson wrote:
> Hi Vladimir,
> Thanks very much... I've been using your patch for awhile with my
> Synaptics touchpad and it's lovely to have two-finger scrolling that
> works properly! I did need to massage the patch to make it apply on
> drm-next:
> https://github.com/trombonehero/freebsd/commit/3d74a33a1bc709d289216cb946744afecb70f6b5
The patch is commited to CURRENT already so you don`t need apply extra
patches anymore. Part of initial patch that I can find under your link
has not been committed as it can trigger deadlock on KDB entering.

> Sometimes I experience dropped touchpad events, particularly when the
> system is busy and my wi-fi is being reconfigured. Is there anything I
> can do to help debug this?
Are you observing  SYN_DROPPED events in evemu-record output?
If so run it under "nice -n -20"
If SYN_DROPPED still persists, add debug.psm.loglevel=5 to
/boot/loader.conf, reboot and send me content of /var/log/messages. Only
"dropped touch" part of log is needed.
Event dropping occurs when kernel writes events faster than user can
read, so usually it is a user-land problem.

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