I'm seeing what looks like the same panic that was fixed for: on -CURRENT when 
poudriere runs. 

   I have a TEXTDUMP.

The info file:

Dump header from device: /dev/mfid0p3
  Architecture: amd64
  Architecture Version: 2
  Dump Length: 35840
  Blocksize: 512
  Dumptime: Wed Jun 21 11:25:38 2017
  Magic: FreeBSD Text Dump
  Version String: FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #33 r320190: Wed Jun 21 10:22:24 CDT 2017
  Panic String: destroying non-empty racct: 2990080 allocated for resource 4

  Dump Parity: 2020083251
  Bounds: 1
  Dump Status: good

I can *NOT* get a full dump due to not enough swap on a single partition. 

What can I supply to help get this fixed again?

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