> Maybe not, but I think so. synth(8) requires the ada compiler which means
> lang/gcc6-aux or lang/gcc5-aux and those DID require work to install on
> ino64. I believe that this is now resolved, but I would seriously consider
> simply installing synth from the package. It has no run or lib depends, so
> installing the package is risk-free.
> synth is the only package I install on my development system,though I do
> consider installing chromium and libreoffice from packages now and then...
> like every time I have to rebuild either. (libreoffice is awaiting for a
> rebuild right now. Maybe tomorrow. I built Chromium yesterday.)

> Kevin Oberman, Part time kid herder and retired Network Engineer

I remember synth required specifically the latest Ada compiler, gcc6-aux.

Part of the attraction is the Ada compiler suite in gcc(5,6)-aux, for the 
possibility of cross-compiling Linux toolchains including gcc with Ada.

Other dependencies would likely be needed sooner or later, anyway.

But I was successful on 11.1-PRERELEASE.

I never ran Chrome or Chromium, might want to try; also Midori and Netsurf (and 
of course, Mozilla Firefox or Seamonkey).

One attraction of Midori is the facility to fudge the useragent string, and 
hopefully thumb my nose on websites that require specific browsers/versions.

I would also like to try John Marino's port of synth to NetBSD, see if that, 
along with pkg, works better than regular pkgsrc tools.


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