On 06/30/17 11:01, Oleg V. Nauman wrote:
On Friday 23 June 2017 19:42:55 Oleg V. Nauman wrote:
  a) Panic on shutdown:

Fatal trap 1: privileged instruction fault while in kernel mode
cpuid = 1; apic id = 01
instruction pointer  = 0x20:0xc6be2023
stack pointer          = 0x28:0xe13c39f4
frame pointer          = 0x28:0xe13c3a20
code segment      = base 0x0, limit 0xfffff, type 0x1b
          = DPL 0, pres 1, def32 1, gran 1
processor eflags  = interrupt enabled, resume, IOPL = 0
current process      = 11 (swi1: netisr 0)
trap number    = 1
panic: privileged instruction fault
cpuid = 1
time = 1498206262
Uptime: 6m19s

  The trace is:

__curthread () at ./machine/pcpu.h:225
225      __asm("movl %%fs:%1,%0" : "=r" (td)
(kgdb) #0  __curthread () at ./machine/pcpu.h:225
#1  doadump (textdump=-968633472) at ../../../kern/kern_shutdown.c:318
#2  0xc06e88c4 in kern_reboot (howto=<optimized out>)
     at ../../../kern/kern_shutdown.c:386
#3  0xc06e8c5b in vpanic (fmt=<optimized out>,
     ap=0xe13c3874 "}\334\235\300H\254 \306\001")
     at ../../../kern/kern_shutdown.c:779
#4  0xc06e8b1b in panic (fmt=0xc092e18e "%s")
     at ../../../kern/kern_shutdown.c:710
#5  0xc08eed21 in trap_fatal (frame=0xe13c39b4, eva=<optimized out>)
     at ../../../i386/i386/trap.c:978
#6  0xc08eea38 in trap (frame=<optimized out>)
     at ../../../i386/i386/trap.c:704
#7  <signal handler called>
#8  0xc6be2023 in ?? ()
#9  0xc082ed53 in tcp_do_segment (m=<optimized out>, th=<optimized out>,
     so=<optimized out>, tp=<optimized out>, drop_hdrlen=<optimized out>,
     tlen=<optimized out>, iptos=<optimized out>,
     ti_locked=<error reading variable: Cannot access memory at address 0x1>)
at ../../../netinet/tcp_input.c:2444
#10 0xc082c181 in tcp_input (mp=<optimized out>, offp=<optimized out>,
     proto=<optimized out>) at ../../../netinet/tcp_input.c:1191
#11 0xc0820878 in ip_input (m=0x0) at ../../../netinet/ip_input.c:823
#12 0xc07d5d0f in netisr_process_workstream_proto (nwsp=<optimized out>,
     proto=<optimized out>) at ../../../net/netisr.c:899
#13 swi_net (arg=<optimized out>) at ../../../net/netisr.c:946
#14 0xc06bb3c5 in intr_event_execute_handlers (p=0x109, ie=<optimized out>)
     at ../../../kern/kern_intr.c:1336
#15 0xc06bb5f0 in ithread_execute_handlers (ie=<optimized out>,
     p=<optimized out>) at ../../../kern/kern_intr.c:1349
#16 ithread_loop (arg=0xc60e6d00) at ../../../kern/kern_intr.c:1430
#17 0xc06b8a76 in fork_exit (callout=0xc06bb560 <ithread_loop>,
     arg=<optimized out>, frame=<optimized out>)
     at ../../../kern/kern_fork.c:1038
#18 <signal handler called>

  Interesting enough that panic triggered by named shutdown ( well, 'rndc
flush' is triggering this panic too )

  rndc calling isc__app_ctxrun function and finally panics the system:

---- lib/isc/unix/app.c ---
             return (ISC_R_UNEXPECTED);

          result = sigwait(&sset, &sig); <--- panic
          if (result == 0) {

variables are set to:
  sset= {__bits = {16387, 0, 0, 0}}
  sig = 134533280



Try to turn off hyperthreading to get a more sensible panic.

Might look like an issue with 32-bit systems and iflib.

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