Fiddling around with a self-brewn router/firewall based on 12-CURRENT
and ipfw, I run into problems when setting up a trunk port with
different VLANs and static routes.

The "router" has three NICs, igb0, igb1, igb2 (it is de facto an APU
2C4 from PCengines). igb0 is attached to an external VDSL2+ Modem and
not connected at the moment. igb2 is also not connected yet.

igb1 bears several VLANs: 2, 10, 100 (igb1.2, igb1.10 ...) and the
"native", untagged LAN (on igb1). There is no default route set, but
even with the ISP's network active and igb0/tun0, via ppp
configuration, with tun0 attached to the address obtained by the ISP
and set as default route, the problem I try to describe persists and
is the same with or without the default route.

On igb1.2 (vlan tag 2) I want to run an asterisk PBX (that is the main
goal). The interface is attached with the IP The NIX is
attached to a VLAN capable switch and VLAN 2 is for VoIP telephones.

To not use a routing daemon due to the small size of my network, I
desided to use static routes, in rc.conf I placed the following

static_routes="igb1.2 igb1.10"
route_igb1_2="-net -interface igb1.2"
route_igb1_10="-net -interface igb1.10"

igb1 is assigned to IP/NET

netstat -Warn gives me (as dummy, since I have no direct access to the
box via serial console from the system I write this mail):

Destination      Gateway         Flags       Use    Mtu      Netif        link#3          UH       334564  16384        lo0   link#4          U         23452   1500       igb1      link#4          UHS       29734  16384        lo0   link#5          U           271   1500       igb1.2      link#5          UHS           0  16384        lo0

For readability, the Expire column has been avoided.

Since I use some tuning and security advisories for advanced settings,
for the tests they were disabled or reset to FreeBSD's defaults, i.e.
blackhole etc.

gateway_enable="YES" is set, I checked the sysctl also. Further,
icmp_drop_redirect="NO" and "net.inet.ip.forwarding=0". I followed
basically chapter 30.2 "Gateways and routes" of the recent handbook in
addition to the Wiki "NetworkPerformanceTuning" of FreeBSD's.

>From the routing device itself, it is possible to ssh into a VoIP
client attached to the switch to which igb1.2 trunks the net. Pinging
is also possible.

Attached to igb1 is the network with a bunch of hosts.
>From any host within this network it is possible to ping the network and its hosts within, but no SSH, not web (80,

Since my IPFW setup is a catastrophy, I switched it off (ipfw firewall
disable) in combination with setting
"net.inte.ip.fw.default_to_accept=1". So, this should ensure that
anything is passed the ipfw. But the result is still the same. What am
I doing wrong here? Is inter VLAN routing in FreeBSD CURRENT even

My knowledge about routing is limited. The handbook covers the most
simplest examples and from the perspective of the simple examples, VLAN
static routing should be very similar - regarding to chapter 30.2, and
the example of multiple (two) routers separating the network, the
router with multiple "NICs/VLANs" is very much the same except the fact
that in the example shown in 30.2 the routing devices do have two NICs
while in my case there is only one "backend" to all NICs.

What is wrong in my logic?

Thanks for your patience,

kind regards
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