I've ported the NetBSD fsck wrapper to compile and run under FreeBSD.
Its probably still very rough, but I'm going to spend the next few
days tidying it up. I have also modified our fsck (and renamed it
fsck_ffs) to fit this new framework.

The source tarball can be found at:


A couple of notes:

* the rest of the system treats ffs filesystems as "ufs". Besides the
  fact that I dislike this, I decided against the NetBSD way of

  if (strcmp(vfstype, "ufs")) fstype = "ffs";

  and have left people to symlink or hardlink fsck_ufs to fsck_ffs.

* I've left the CVS directories intact so people can generate their
  own cvs diff's against the original sources. Appropriate CVSROOT
  frobbing will be needed.

Constructive comments are welcome.


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