On 09.07.2017 10:03, Johannes Lundberg wrote:

Without altering the client code (i.e. adding sendmsg(credentials)), is
there anyway of getting the client PID (or path to binary) using the file
descriptor returned by accept() on the server side?

Similar to Linux's getsockopt with SO_PEERCRED option.

You want the LOCAL_CREDS socket option from unix(4).

There's also a FreeBSD sample in the UNIX network programming book. Source is available from http://unpbook.com/src.html

With the following two changes it seems to work for me:
unixstrserv02.c: set LOCAL_CREDS
readcred.c: disable CONTROL_LEN check

$ ./unixstrserv02
PID of sender = 1001
real user ID = 1001
real group ID = 1001
effective user ID = 1001
3 groups: 0 5 920
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