On 7/11/17 1:09 PM, Warner Losh wrote:
On a machine with SDHCI, a clean rebuild (after "r -rf /usr/obj") refuses
to find /dev/ada0 :-(

Take sdhci out of the kernel and try again. If that works, it tells us one
thing (need to troubleshoot sdhci stuff more). If not it tells us another
(need to troubleshoot CAM more), do we get errors with the ATA_IDENTIFY
command? Does it try multiple times per AHCI port? What AHCI device do you
have? You may need to scroll back with the screen-lock / pageup keys to see
these messages.

Plus we know we have at least one bug in meta-mode rebuilding since not
everything is being rebuilt that should be across this change.

The change itself didn't change CAM except for copying one set of data it
didn't used to, into a structure whose size grew (which is why we're seeing
crashes / failures for a 'cross-threaded' rebuild). There's nothing else
that changed (especially after I removed the bogus debug printfs) that I
can see in auditing the change.

I was really hoping David's machine would exhibit the behavior since we're
co-workers and have a shared infrastructure for debugging we can leverage.

I'll try this tonight when I'm back at home. The laptop concerned uses the ICH-7M part in "legacy mode" so it doesn't do AHCI at all :-(


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