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I'm a Google Summer of Code student, writing some tests for the FreeBSD test
suite, and putting them under src/tests.  I need to run some binaries,
specifically pfctl.

How should I call pfctl from my test scripts?  Should I call it directly and
let the shell find the binary in the path?  Or should I find where the build
version got created (somewhere under /usr/obj) and call that? How do I find
where the binary ended up getting created in that case?

Best regards,
Hello Panagiotes,
     Please call pfctl from $PATH -- don't hardcode the path, ever.
I'll be looking at making "make check" more developer friendly in the
next 3-6 months, so running "make check" from usr.sbin/pf/... will
automatically add a set path/environment which hooks in to *
The goal of this is to simplify developer use for "make check".
     Also, if the tests (for whatever reason) aren't going to be
installed alongside pfctl, e.g., tests/sys/pf/... please add 'atf_set
"require.progs" "pfctl"' to the header to ensure that the test is
skipped if/when pfctl isn't installed on the system.
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Hi Ngie!

Thanks a lot for your reply! I will change the tests to call pfctl from PATH.

The tests in question are for the pfctl binary, so I'm going to move them from src/tests/sbin/pfctl to src/sbin/pfctl/tests.

Also, how should I utilize 'make check'? What I currently do is 'make' and 'make install' from src/sbin/pfctl/tests, and then 'kyua test' from either the same directory or from /usr/tests/sbin/pfctl.

Best regards,
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