On 12/07/2017 23:20, Peter Wemm wrote:
> We mostly run HEAD in the freebsd.org cluster.  Sometime in the last few 
> weeks 
> an ugly zfs problem has surfaced. If a redundant volume is degraded, zfs 
> panics on boot.  If a drive fails while running, or is manually put offline, 
> zfs 
> panics the same way.
> I do not have a smoking gun, but I am suspicious of the June 28th commits 
> (starting at r320156) and their follow-ups. eg: r320452.
> https://bugs.freebsd.org/220691
> I believe single disk systems will *not* be affected by this - the panic only 
> happens when a raidz (and presumably mirror) degrades.  Your laptop etc 
> should 
> be fine.
> I apologize for being vague - I do not know more. Folks running HEAD should 
> take appropritate precautions (eg: keeping a known-good kernel.old and 
> modules 
> around).  This is always advisable when running HEAD anyway, particularly so 
> now.  For us, a kernel.old from June 18th worked fine.

My apologies for the bug.
Everyone affected, could you please test the patch from the bug report?
Thank you!

Andriy Gapon
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