On 20 Jul 2017, at 18:24, Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:
It would be great if you use vnet jails for that. I am not
sure regarding the per-vnet pf functionality but I have seen
many bug fixes hitting the tree since last year. You can ask
on freebsd-virtualizat...@freebsd.org or freebsd...@freebsd.org
to learn more about it.

It’s starting to become usable, yes.

Pf within a jail should behave more or less like the "normal" one.
Plus you will be testing per-vnet functionality, which the project
needs anyhow, in one go.

It *should* behave the same, but the fact is that a setup like that tests vnet pf, not just pf. Ideally we should have both setups, but the priority should be on the setup most people use today, which is not vnet enabled.

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