On 2017-Jul-22, at 4:50 PM, Dimitry Andric <d...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> On 23 Jul 2017, at 01:32, Mark Millard <mar...@dsl-only.net> wrote:
>> My first attempt to update amd64 to a clang 5 based /usr/src
>> failed ( -r321109 -> -r321371 ). Listing just the first
>> error initially:
>> --- ToolDrivers/llvm-lib/LibDriver.o ---
>> In file included from 
>> /usr/src/contrib/llvm/lib/ToolDrivers/llvm-lib/LibDriver.cpp:35:
>> /usr/obj/amd64_clang/amd64.amd64/usr/src/lib/clang/libllvm/Options.inc:27:92:
>>  error: too few arguments provided to function-like macro invocation
>> OPTION(prefix_0, "<input>", INPUT, Input, INVALID, INVALID, nullptr, 0, 0, 
>> nullptr, nullptr)
>>             ^
>> /usr/src/contrib/llvm/lib/ToolDrivers/llvm-lib/LibDriver.cpp:34:9: note: 
>> macro 'OPTION' defined here
>> #define OPTION(_1, _2, ID, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8, _9, _10, _11, _12) OPT_##ID,
>>       ^
> Yeah, I think this can happen with an incremental build, and if you
> enable MK_CLANG_EXTRAS.  There was only one Options.inc file first, in
> $WORLDTMP/usr/src/lib/clang/libllvm, but now there are two different
> ones, under $WORLDTMP/usr/src/lib/clang/libllvm/llvm-lib and
> $WORLDTMP/usr/src/lib/clang/libllvm/llvm-dlltool.  This is a rather
> unfortunate change from upstream.
> I'm unsure what to do here, maybe it is a good idea to explicitly rm
> the incorrect file before make starts to search the directory.  Bryan,
> any clues?  IIRC there were some other precedents where stale objects
> could get in the way, and would have to be force-deleted before even
> the depend stage?

I've done:

# mv /usr/obj/amd64_clang /usr/obj/amd64_clang_r321109_r321371

before starting a rebuild --in to preserve my
failed-build context in case that record of
the result of the attempt can help.

I also have the script output for the build attempt
that I could extract content from if needed.

It will take some time for the from-scratch rebuild
to even get to the prior failure point, much less
to complete.

Mark Millard
markmi at dsl-only.net

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