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> I have noticed this over the past couple weeks with my -CURRENT
> laptop that 64-bit linux compatibility is failing to load, and I'm
> not entirely sure why. My current kernel is based off of r321626.
> When I run `kldload linux64` it fails with the following:
>     link_elf_obj: symbol elf64_linux_vdso_fixup undefined
>     linker_load_file: /boot/kernel/linux64.ko - unsupported file type
> It's unclear to me whether this is old cruft sitting around, a
> regression, or something else entirely floating around my system. Any
> pointer would help :)
> Cheers
> - R. Tyler Croy

I am guessing you have COMPAT_LINUX in your kernel and 32bit emulation
is compiled into it. This does not work for linux64, one needs to build
all three required components as modules:

19    1 0xffffffff82221000 438d9    linux.ko
20    3 0xffffffff82265000 7c49     linux_common.ko
21    1 0xffffffff8226d000 3d8f5    linux64.ko
22    1 0xffffffff822ab000 ab75     linprocfs.ko

Alexander Kabaev

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