On 1 Aug 2017, at 12:36, Michael Zhilin <miz...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> Hi Ed, freebsd-current,
> I want to add C++ demangling into sysutils/pstack. In man pages I've found
> eltfc_demangle, exact what I need. This function belongs to libelftc. "make
> installworld" installs man pages and include files, but there is no
> installed library. As results compilation error is occuried.

Is pstack written in C++ or linking anything that is?  If so, you will get 
__cxa_demangle[1] provided by the C++ ABI library (libcxxrt on FreeBSD, which 
currently uses the libelftc implementation, though might switch soon).  If not, 
adding -lcxxrt will provide it.


[1] https://itanium-cxx-abi.github.io/cxx-abi/abi.html#demangler
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