07.08.2017 09:44, Boris Samorodov пишет:
Hi Marius, All,

Subj at today's amd64-HEAD. If I use command "sudo tzsetup" and
choose YES (CMOS clock is set to UTC), the program just quits.
Yea, my clocks are at UTC but I want to get time at local timezone. :-)

I've found a recent commit to tzsetup, is it the cause?

Hm. There is a log message at r322097:
- Make the initial UTC dialog actually work by giving the relevant files
  the necessary treatment and then exit when choosing "Yes" there instead
  of moving on to the time zone menu regardless.

I must misunderstand something.

So my question is: how to set up local time zone if CMOS is set to UTC?

WBR, Boris Samorodov (bsam)
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