Within a NanoBSD automated installation of jails following the (outdated)
instructions and templates given in chapter 14 of the handbook, I run into
trouble installing the skeleton config files via "mergemaster". mergemaster
always stops at this point:

  *** There is no installed version of ./.cshrc

   *** Historically BSD derived systems have had a
       hard link from /.cshrc and /.profile to
       their namesakes in /root.  Please indicate
       your preference below for bringing your
       installed files up to date.

   Use 'd' to delete the temporary ./.cshrc
   Use 'l' to delete the
   existing /pool/nanobsd/amd64/ALERICH_amd64/_.w/jails/skel/root/.cshrc and
   create the link

   Default is to leave the temporary file to deal with by hand

  How should I handle ./.cshrc? [Leave it to install later]


This si really frustrating, since I do not know how to prevent this. using
option "-a" with mergemaster leaves me with uninstalled files in temproot. 

How can I force mergemaster to receive "d" for deletion?

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