Dear all,

I've been attempting to run Visual Studio Code[1] in an Ubuntu 16.04 chroot. VS 
Code is built using Electron, which is basically a minimal chromium to enable 
building desktop applications using web technology.

While I was able to install VS Code and all its dependencies in my chroot, I'm 
now stuck with the following error on attempting to run it:

    [5269:0816/] Check 
failed: base::UnixDomainSocket::EnableReceiveProcessId(fds[0]).

After investigating the Chromium source code, I've found that the 
EnableReceiveProcessId function calls setsockopt(2) with the SOL_SOCKET level 
and the option name SO_PASSCRED.  This fails because SO_PASSCRED Is not 
implemented in the Linux socket compatibility layer[2].

After some googling, I've found a patch[3] from 2010 to implement SO_PASSCRED 
that it seems has never been merged.  Does anyone know why, and if there are 
any plans to merge it?






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