I have the following (Azure) device (disk) id:

dev.storvsc..%pnpinfo: classid=32412632-86cb-44a2-9b5c-50d1417354f5 

the question is:  "how can I map that do /dev/da1"..
I know that for my device it IS /dev/da1
but how can I prove it? there are so many mappings from one space to another 
I've totally lost track.
 there are acpi mappings, pnpmappngs, /dev/ mappings, PCI space mappings, 
things in sysctl, things in their own spaces, etc. etc.
In some architectures htere are fdt mappings and in some it's still pretty 
random from what I see.

Is there a document that covers all of these?

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