On an AZURE system there is a "local" device that is useful as swap.

It is, I believe, faster than regular network based storage, but it is ephemeral, and may go away during a shutdown. It is in some machines a bit small so we'd like to add a bit more for safety. But we would like the ephemeral local storage to be used first. Can this be done at all? I can't see anything

The last time I checked all swap was used in some balanced way. (the manual says so) One solution is to have a small cron job that only creates the added swap partition when the first one is (say) 70% full, but it'd be nice if there were some less hackish way. Another would be to occasionally wake up, and if the swap in use would all fit into the device we would like to be used, we do a swapoff on the other and force everything to be put on the fast drive..  but that sort of defeats the purpose as it's doing extra work..

Has anyone done any work on adding priority to swap?


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