On 12/9/17 2:17 pm, Conrad Meyer wrote:
On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 9:09 AM, Julian Elischer <jul...@freebsd.org> wrote:
maybe we could get it into -current.
It'd be silly to have to have people re-inventing hte wheel all the time.
How about you put those changes into the reviews.freebsd.org and we can get
some general consensus on them.
We'll have to do similar for the Asian customers and anyone who uses UTF-8.
So it
would be silly to have to develop it all again (but subtly different of

The key issue is how many system calls and other APIs would be broken,
and how many would be broken in a non backwards compatible way?

We would need it in a stable/10 and 11 branch but if the patch is isolated
enough we could carry it forward until we get to 12.

One has to allow people to do whatever they are used to with Windows.
And in this case the issue is serving files over samba to windows machines.
Hey Julian,

I've thrown the patch up at https://reviews.freebsd.org/D12330 .  I
haven't actually tested it on FreeBSD, but it does compile.  We also
have some patches against contrib/pjdfstest to fix those tests against
long file names, but I think we can hold off on those changes until
we've nailed down what the architectural change will be (if any).


that looks a lot like a proof -of concept patch we derived a while back but never really tested. The issue for us is that using UTF-8 the filenames become too short for common usage in China and Japan.
Apparently they routinely nae files with the contents of a small novella.


(I have no idea what that says but apparently it's a real filename from a 
windows machine that blew up when written via samba.)

Does anyone else have any thoughts about whether FreeBSD 12 might grow longer 
path/filename support?
 (I'm told Linux uses 1K and 4096 for filenames and path length.)


It's quite possible this accidentally breaks even more APIs than
expected and we should do some fine tuning to reduce the damage.  Our
$WORK product mostly doesn't care about ABI, so we may not have
noticed some ABI breakage.

If anyone else is interested, please subscribe or add yourself as a
reviewer on the phabricator revision.


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