I now have a series of patches that adds Flex File layout support to the NFSv4 
for pNFS.
I am now thinking about how to get them into head.

1 - I could put them up on reviews.freebsd.org, but since they are purely NFS 
     and there is no Flex file layout server to test against (except the one I 
have in
     a projects tree under subversion), I doubt anyone will want to review them.
2 - I could create another projects tree under subversion but, again, I doubt 
anyone will
      be able to test them and the result will be one large patch to merge into 
3 - I can put them in head as a series of patches and then they will be usable 
for testing
      of the pNFS server in the projects area.
Some of these patches are fairly large, but they should not affect current 
operation of
the NFS client.

I am leaning towards #3, but thought I would ask others for comments w.r.t. how 
should do this?

Thanks for any comments, rick
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