On 09/28/2017 09:38, Guido Falsi wrote:

> I'm not understanding what you are expecting us to do based on
> circumstantial and partial data.

I'm clarifying myself here:

I mean that I don't know what to do about this based on the data and the
details you give. What you are seeing looks normal to me.

To understand better what is happening is more data.

You say you have data that shows something but in a non scientific way.
But this translates to me to you having a feeling, which I don't share
based on that data. So if you want help or a better explanation your
only way is to give more and more detailed data.

At a minimum the while memory line from top not only the "free memory:"
column, which by itself gives completely incomplete information.

It would be better if you could give the time evolution of that line.
before launching asterisk, some samples while it is running and you are
doing some tests, and after closing it.

Other tools like vmstat can give more detailed information, but I'm not
very good at deciphering that data, but it could be very useful anyway
for people more expert about the VM system to give you an explanation or
be convinced that there is actually something strange going on.

In other words I'm sorry to say you need to give more scientific proof
of your feeling. There's nothing personal in this.

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