>> I created a new kernel config file from scratch, wondered what the
>> GEOM_PART_MBR option and friends were doing, search for them, didn't find
>> them in the tree, and deleted them from my config. But... de resulting disk
>> image didn't boot, because of the fact that it didn't recognise the MBR
>> partitions (it only had a single diskid entry on the mount-root prompt).
>> Can anyone explain to me how these kernel options work, as in: they are
>> defined in kernel configs and as a consequence in opt_geom.h, but how are
>> they actually used to select which geom_part_* modules/kernel parts to
>> build? I thought these options were translated to stuff that cpp would use,
>> but there are not uses of for example GEOM_PART_MBR anywhere for example!
> The module always build them because they are listed in the module's
> Makefile.
> The kernel only sometimes does. Here's the key lines from conf/files:
> files:geom/geom_bsd_enc.c optional geom_bsd | geom_part_bsd
> files:geom/part/g_part_apm.c optional geom_part_apm
> files:geom/part/g_part_bsd.c optional geom_part_bsd
> files:geom/part/g_part_bsd64.c optional geom_part_bsd64
> files:geom/part/g_part_ebr.c optional geom_part_ebr
> files:geom/part/g_part_gpt.c optional geom_part_gpt
> files:geom/part/g_part_ldm.c optional geom_part_ldm
> files:geom/part/g_part_mbr.c optional geom_part_mbr
> files:geom/part/g_part_vtoc8.c optional geom_part_vtoc8
> which turn on/off which files get included. config "helpfully" converts the
> upper case options to lower case for this.
> Warner

*slaps forehead* Goose chase!

I actually knew that... and, at the time, thought it was weird behaviour. 
''grep" would not have failed me if those options would be uppercase there ...

Thanks, Warner.


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