hey there,
i've been unable to buildworld using ccache for a while. initially i assumed it was due to some incompatibilities on the drm-next branch which i was running, but i've since cut over to CURRENT and am still having issues. running "make buildworld" i am running into this exception:

/usr/home/pwright/git/freebsd/lib/libufs/cgroup.c:217:11: error: no member named 'fs_metackhash' in 'struct fs'
        if ((fs->fs_metackhash & CK_CYLGRP) != 0) {
             ~~  ^

full exception here:

I am going to re-run this w/o ccache - to verify that this is a ccache related issue. I guess my first question - is anyone else using ccache successfully?

thanks in advance!

Pete Wright
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