In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Warner Losh writes:
>In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Jason Evans writes:
>: Summary: -current will be destabilized for an extended period (on the order
>: of months).  A tag (not a branch) will be laid down before the initial
>: checkin, and non-developers should either stick closely to that tag until
>: the kernel stabilizes, or expect large doses of pain.  This tag will be
>: laid down as soon as June 26, 00:00 PST, with a minimum 24 hour warning
>: beforehand.
>Thanks for the fair warning.  Now don't do it.  Has core approved
>this?  I don't think so, I've seen nothign from them about it.

I think core has approved in principle, and several core members
were present at the meeting (at least peter, dg, gibbs, dfr), that
being said, I think we need to see some more concrete info before
we pull the lever, just so we know what to expect.

>The instability ni -current for MONTHS is pain not acceptible.

Sorry, Warner, but progress has its price, and this may be it.

>I understand your desire to have it all in a working tree, but causing
>pain for ALL developers for potentially MONTHS isn't a reasonable

I belive the only viable alternative, as CVS branches are generally
agreed to be >= 25 megasuckage caliber, is to switch the project
to use Perforce.

Until now at least, we have not done that, because developing open
source with a closed source tool has been too much taboo for us
to bother, and it would (as far as we know) not work with cvsup.

I'm not sure now is the time to do it either.

So:  No I don't like -current being toast anymore than you do, but
I don't think there is a viable alternative.

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