In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Poul-Henning Kamp writes:
: I think core has approved in principle, and several core members
: were present at the meeting (at least peter, dg, gibbs, dfr), that
: being said, I think we need to see some more concrete info before
: we pull the lever, just so we know what to expect.

I'd like to see an explicit vote saying that current can be broken for 
months for SP users so the MP work can go in.  It has often been said
that individual core members do not speak for core.

: >The instability ni -current for MONTHS is pain not acceptible.
: Sorry, Warner, but progress has its price, and this may be it.

I don't think so.  I've done all the NEWCARD work in the tree, and it
hasn't broken anything else (at least not for more than a few hours
when I screwed up).  It has been painful for me to do it that way, but
I think that some consideration should be given for the transition
period for SP users.

A few days or weeks I don't have a prblem with, but a few months is
flat not acceptible.  It is too long.  If the code is that green, then
some other mechanism needs to be used to facilitate collaberative

I'd rather see a firm deadline proposed (eg, we'll commit the core on
June 26, and will be done by Aug 26) so that I know what to expect
rather than having the nebulous a few months phrase kicked around.  I
expected the newcard stuff to be working in a few months, and it has
been about 8 so far.

: So:  No I don't like -current being toast anymore than you do, but
: I don't think there is a viable alternative.

Sure we do.  They get their patches together, and commit them once
they will cuase less pain.  There's always alternatives.  The issue
here is who has to live with the pain.

The MP guys could easily use perforce for this and then merge once
things are stabilized enough to not impact SP people to the point that 
things won't be usable.  The cam folks did this in the past, and it
worked fairly well.

Also, what if the new MP core goes in and one or more of the key
players all of a sudden have no time to finish this due to unforseen
circumstances?  Will the tree remain broken while they sort this out?

Again, I dont' want to hold up progress, but saying that it must be
done this way and I have to put up with it for the sake of progerss is 
not a good justification.


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